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EyeCap for Terminals and Lugs

EyeCap provides the first line of defense for fire prevention for cable lugs and terminals connection through the temperature sensitive color changing cap. Not only is it fire retardant it also provides electrical insulation and prevents electrical arcs.

The colored top of the cap starts to change its color, fading to white around 60 degrees Celsius and turns completely to white around 70 degrees Celsius.

The cap is made from UL94-V-0 and is fire retardant. So even if there is a fire, our cap will quickly prevent the fire from spreading.

The body of each EyeCap is labeled with their size and their transparency allows you to check the status of the terminal.

You only need a glance. Do NOT need any temperature detecting equipment.

Once the lug or terminal has been connected and has electricity flowing through it, you can check for a secure connection anytime with just a glance.

Once the current is flowing through, you can check for excessive heat generation from the lug or terminal at any time.

You can check whether the lug size used for each lug or terminal fit the industrial standard with just your eyes.

You can check if the crimping tool used for each terminal fit the industrial standard with just a glance.

After crimping, you can check if the terminal has been insulated correctly according to industrial standards

Once the electrical cable lugs and terminals have been connected and wrapped with electrical tape or current wire cap, it is hard to check wire connection with the lugs and terminals.

EyeCap will replace the tape or the current cap and still allow you to easily check the status of the terminals. It will help avert electrical fires and power outages.

Once there is a current running through the electrical wires, you just take a look at our temperature sensitive electrical insulation cap to see if there is excessive heat generated from the terminal. (Even after the cap's color has changed, you can still determine the R, S, T, N phases)

EyeCap can be applied to any electrical wire connection with lugs and terminals. It can be used in electric panel boards, facilities, equipment, lighting, and all other machines.